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IP Security Cameras


More than ever home owners are installing security cameras to protect their homes as well as monitor them with 24 hour recording to capture any occurrence.  Our customers can monitor their homes from their mobile device or laptop no matter where they are in the world.


Many of them have a second home here in SW Florida and being able to watch their home remotely allows them look at their property throughout the summer no matter where they are as well as review footage from previous days.  They're able to check that their homewatch or cleaning service is visiting regularly,  that landscaping is being maintained adequately and that their property is secure.  


No longer are security cameras bulky and unsightly.  Today's security camera is small and subtle, producing incredibly high quality video.   



Wired vs Wireless


Depending on the structure of your home, sometimes the only option is to use wireless security cameras.  However, if the wired option is available and you don't mind the extra initial cost, wired security cameras are far more effective and reliable.  WiFi routers tend to need resetting every so often and Internet service can drop which leaves you without protection and recording ability.


With a wired IP camera system connected to an NVR (Network Video Recorder), you're still recording footage 24 hours a day even if your WiFi drops or your Internet service stops working.  


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*Please note that all low voltage wiring needs to be installed by a certified and licensed electrician.  Country Club Tech LLC can refer you to a certified and licensed electrician upon your request.

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